Patrick Geryl A Doomsday Expert?

Patrick Geryl is a writer of 9 books. Most of his books have been published in Dutch.  He claims to be a researcher and writer on the doomsday 2012 subject.  His website has the photos in archeologist’s style.  He has written about many doomsday theories.  He has put the words in scientist’s style and makes tall claims telling us how he is right about what he writes and says about 2012.

He has made fortunes by selling doomsday theories. Publishing a crap theory is no joke. No publisher wants to put money in the theories which are either fluffy or do not have substance. At the same time, publishers like to have lots of spicy material which is even false but will sell the books.

A big question for Patrick is, will he take responsibility if his predictions are wrong and world does not end in 2012?

Come 2012 and Patrick is going to be surprised because world is not ending there.

There are thousands of the people who can cook the stories because they have discovered the codes hidden in waters, lakes, mountains. Anyone can claim and prove those claims with the help of other experts who are in the group, saying to each other, “you earn and I earn”.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that 2012 doomsday theory is true. Nobody has seen any signs so far except the so-called experts.

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