Planet X Nibiru is false as shifts date from 2003 to 2012

Planet X Nibiru or Niburu had earlier date of 2003 to visit earth. The stories began to come to mainstream media around 1999. 2001 year could be traced back when many people argued the arrival of Nibiru. It’s earlier name was Death Star Planet X Nibiru. Someone named Zecharia Sitchin claimed in 2002 interview that 2003 will be the year when Nibiru will be seen and collide with earth.

Coming back to amazing stories of Planet Nibiru. It is very clever and smart planet which is not visible but shifts the dates of arrival. Like, the date of 2003 failed so someone shifted the date to 2012. And if 2012 date also fails, may be the date will be shifted to another decade. These stories are interesting. And if you are someone like of Zecharia Sitchin, you know how to take public for ride and also manipulate the media. His books are crap. I got to read the summary of The Lost Book of Enki. I did not find anything intelligent or worthwhile to read in that book. Zecharia Sitchin seems to me a fine artist who can dig out unrelated facts and weave the stories. More surprising is to see, mainstream media offering him platform to preach his ideas. At least, David Icke is known for his ways. But if somone comes out and says look I have done research for 50 years on this and I have got a book, this is somewhat not so amazing, especially when his all claims are false.

Planet X Nibiru is just the creation of the people and wild imagination of those who had enough time to theorize many things. I can bet, you are not going to see Planet Nibiru even in 2012 like we did not see it in 2003. I also bet, someone is going to change its date of arrival again. It will leave you guessing when Nibiru is going to come.

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