Please Spend No Savings Even if EOW of 2011 or 2012 is true

Fitzpatrick is the man who took it too seriously and he has put his everything in promoting his book and the doomsday or rapture of May 21, 2011. I empathize with this man. I seriously doubt whether he has really put his all savings in such a unconfirmed idea. He might not be able to recover the money with in next 7 days. If doomsday does not occur on that day and world remains here, he is going to learn a very expensive lesson. I will leave it here so Mr Fitzpatrick deals with it himself.

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For others, who so ever is thinking of replicating his example, my advice is do not even think about it. Even if doomsday is true, you should not invest all your savings in such ideas which will give you run for your money. You must not try to be the messiah or a super-man type character. You must understand that you have certain responsibilities on the earth. If you think about your family, home and friends around you, I am sure you would realize, there is still unfinished business. It is always better to think of the Plan B if the end is near and probable.

The first of it all would be not to take the EOW seriously and even if you think of them being correct, just keep them at the bay to let them be on-the-sight. It does not matter who is right, what matters is if doomsday does not occur, you have life to deal with. The precious moments of life and the rest of it must not go without money. You must not take it seriously that you are left with no money even for affording the medicines in your old age.

You deserve a respectable life, if doomsday theories are barriers, throw them away. I would urge you to shun all the examples which replicate Mr Fitzpatrick’s way of think. I do not think Mr Fitzpatrick is that kind of guy who would in-real put everything on the bet. He is smart. You need to understand that sooner or later.

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