Post Doomsday 2012 Challenges

Economic world at micro level affects people directly.

Lets assume that a particular country is facing the doomsday or any event which is confirmed to come in 2012. It means business of low-level for several people.  It happens in third-world and developing countries, the greedy people invest heavily in food grains, metals, anything which hold value and money can buy right now. Once the devastating event is over, these greedy people sell the things at higher cost. Making poor people poorer.

For example, many people really want that doomsday event must be confirmed. I am not talking about experts. Experts are small time traders who just have books to sell. The greedy businessman in your area and the land-lords who have acres of land in their possession, are more interested in flood, natural calamities and other such negative events. They are rich and have means to save themselves. The helpless and homeless people come to them once the flood has gone away. The poor people seek financial help to buy food for their family.  And the rich and greedy people offer private loans at very much higher rate of interest.  Many a times, it is seen in areas,  that generations passed but loans did not finish.  That is the challenge.  Challenge is to save the survivors from the clutches of the people who trade and capitalize on the events which has negative impact on the community.

The improbable 2012 doomsday has such spots all over the world.  The poor survivors needs to be protected from the people who want to have bonded laborers.  Take for example the situation of drought, it is equal to doomsday and it makes people displaced for very long time. People with cunning eyes approach these poor farmers and offer them help.  The farmer is trapped for generations and it goes on.

The old rules will not change even after so-called doomsday of 2012. The economic and financial rules will survive to punish the people. Few of the survivors will become richer because they will have the more food and money.  The financial transaction holds its value until paid back.  In case of any large scale negative event, the people will take decades to pay what they borrow from the rich and greedy survivor.

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