Religion and Doomsday Theories of Gamma Ray Bursts

Primarily the thoughts of second coming are spelled with great religious scriptures.  Those may or may not be true. The verification of the second coming is not only impossible but also away from the logical thinking as well. As the religious leaders expect and argue on the face of logic that God and its kingdom is above the logic and worldly rules do not apply on them. The second coming is as heard of the thoughts through the years but never confirmed besides the books on the matter. You must think and act on the lines of what makes sense to you. The second coming does not make sense at all if you do not believe i re-incarnation and after-life theories. How and why Second coming may be attached and related to the theories of doomsday; it is interesting to note and observe as the logic flies out window and exits the room gracefully. Read  on.

Gamma Ray Bursts are real and of course they happen but their duration of happening is very small. The GRB contain very high amount of energy. As stated in journals, the GRBs are very far away from earth and the possibility of hitting them earth is very low. Now consider the possibility of second coming and GRBs.  Jesus if he is coming from other galaxy, the Gamma Ray Burts may be observed along the path. But such a beam if reaches earth; still it would not prove whether Jesus has arrived.  Some people argue that GRBs are cosmic powers on display which does not prove anything other than that GRBs are natural phenomena.

It is true; some GRBs can affect the life on earth. It is difficult to establish the relationship among the GRBs, Second Coming and the probable doomsday of 2012.  If doomsday is true then GRBs may become the reasons to bring it to earth and the Jesus may come and save the people from the incidents and accidents which are caused by GRBs and doomsday together. Since this is just a hypothesis; it is  not true yet and has not been validated by any possible means.  If God makes these events happens on the earth, the same god will keep us all safe as well. There is no doomsday except in the realms of the experts.

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