Review of Doomsday Books of S. Douglas Woodward

S. Douglas Woodward, Doug is no ordinary writer. He has been in the corporate cubicles for very long time. He has been in the churches for many years.  Doug has right background to make difference to the Doomsday Theories.  Lets find out what he has to say on the subject of doomsday 2012.  We are going to look at his ideas whether they are advocating a particular way of thinking or just maintains the neutral views as expected of someone like him.

His first book is titled “Are We Living in the Last Days?: The Apocalypse Debate in the 21st Century. This particular book has won many A+ from the readers. Doug focuses on the Bible prophecy along with his opinion from the believer’s point of view. He touches many topics. His book is important for the believers who think Bible can provide the answers to many crucial questions.  Doug has researched his subject well. He understands the Bible prophecies better than anyone else. Mind you, Doug is not doomsday theorist.  What ever he presents in this book, comes with authority and believable ideas.  If you like to read religion based interpretation of the things around us, get this book fast. It makes sense and it does in its own right. His way of telling the explanations of  theories impresses. No doubts, many people have bought several copies of this book to keep them safe so that those can still be read even after years.  Although, I am not fan of such books,  But Doug’s book leaves me asking for more.  May a revised edition be planned to release later.

His next book is titled “Decoding Doomsday: The 2012 Prophecies, the Apocalypse, and the Perilous Days Ahead“. I read the summary of this book. Doug claims that last day of history can be found in Bible.  Doug offers some possible reasons and clues in his book. You would find wealth of information not only from doomsday point of view but also it would make sense to understand why the world is looking certain way.  Doug decodes doomsday so well that you would like to read it again from cover to cover.  A serious effort from an author who can be trusted for his ideas. He is genuine and his work is proof of that.

You would find these books useful if you are looking for right ideas of what doomsday is. You may keep these books along with the others to use as reference points.  Doug’s  books do not scare you. He is warm and friendly with his approach and makes his point without telling you that world is going to end.

Doug has  written books with the focus and he maintains the neutral views.  His way of telling the things is influenced by Bible. His books do not leave you confused and scared. As you read his books, you feel the warmth of friendly words.

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