Rumor and great Humor of 2012 Apocalypse

Thousands of theories and experts pointing 2012 Apocalypse are not more than few humorous stories.

Do you remember when your local TV channel had beamed the show of 2012 doomsday? If we go by the statistics, it must not be long back. TV channels have found a new genre which they feel can earn good TRP for them. It is fact that supernatural and paranormal content of the show is sure way to earn more viewers. It is something like X-Files or PSI shows on the TV.  Coming back to the subject of 2012 apocalypse,  lets find out how stories are doing the rounds online and in media.

Apocalypse means that something which has been hidden from the public, has made known to all. Apocalypse hasn’t got to do anything disaster.  Many people think that apocalypse means harm and disaster at large level.  It is not true.

There are no possibilities of knowing something very scary and interesting about doomsday of 2012. The experts know as little as we do. What they know about it is the craft of polishing their ideas and presenting in the believable format. The Apocalypso as they call it, is not going to happen. There are no surprises for now. If we find something which has credible background and the believable data, it would certainly lead to many changes in our lives. Beyond that, apocalypse of 2012 is just another story and must be enjoyed as humorous stories.

The defining line between fiction and the facts has been distorted so much that many people are finding it difficult to separate two.

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