Saint Malachy and Doomsday 2012

Saint Malachy is popular figure from the past. St. Malachy is also known by different names such as  Máel Máedóc Ua Morgair,  and  Maelmhaedhoc Ó Morgair. According to wiki page his time is noted from 1094  to  November 2, 1148.

How is St. Malachi related to doomsday 2012.  I looked for authentic sources to find the connection. St. Malachy is supposed to have predicted something about Pope in 2012.  Well, there are many sites and experts who have linked St. Malachy with 2012.

Doomsday experts are in no-mood to spare the saints. What ever St. Malachy wrote that does not make sense to logical mind. It might be making sense to experts but a rational mind does not pickup anything from there. It is similar to the Nostradamus experts who claim to know everything.

St. Malachy does not seem to have any relationship or none of his predictions point to the doomsday in 2012. For instance, if we suppose that Malachy made a prediction.  Can it be true and hold for the future? Past predictions which are somehow explained to fit the motives of the experts, can not become basis for the perfect way to tell what is going to happen.

St. Malachy needs to be spared for his wisdom and doomsday experts need to find out the logical and statistical data which can actually make some sense. So far there are only noises.

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