Sedona Retreats and 2012 Doomsday

Many feel that Sedona Retreats is the place to worship and probably experience the transformation in 2012 doomsday scenarios.

I have read about the magical places which are existing in different parts of the world. Almost every country and cities have sacred places. Sedona Retreats are in Arizona. These are rocky structures which were formed naturally. Many people claim to have experienced the energy around them. These experiences are not common and vary from person to person. There are several people who experienced nothing.  Can a mystical experience tell you something about doomsday or any thing which is going to occur? Doomsday 2012 and Sedona Retreats may not bind together for the people.

There is nothing wrong in going to Sedona Retreats of any place where you can get some peace and some mystical experience if any. The problem is of commercialization and over-glorification of the places.  If you travel around the world, you are going to find many sacred places and businesses around them.

Pure mystical experience for an individual is extremely private matter. But if someone says, you can experience more of it with my book, is exploitation of the faith.

Lets assume that Sedona Retreats hold powers.  Mystical experiences have made people more compassionate but there is difference between being peace loving and survivor.  Be it Sedona Retreats of something else, the politics and the economies will always remain here.  The greedy companies and their CEOs must be sent to Sedona Retreats for transformation of their soul.  And you have few candidates ready who needs the attention of the activists right now. Pickup the executives of BP oil and Exxon Oil, send them to have their souls purified. May be they are more careful next time to deal with the disasters.

Sudden doomsday of 2012 is less dangerous compared to the slow poisoning of the environment by these greedy companies.

The people who are drumming that world is going to change after 2012, can they survive without oil, food and currency? If you need currency to buy the things for your survival or you are going to trade after 2012. Certainly no mystical place can help the world at the large level to see everyone transformed.

Suppose, you go to Sedona Retreats and return transformed with spiritual awakening. Your banks and lenders do not care where you have been. If you do not pay the interests to them, they are going to put fines and penalties on you. Your industrial and property disputes will have less or no effects of your transformation or where you have been.

Going to Sedona Retreats is ok for personal reasons. But believing that large level change is going to occur from there, is too much to hope.

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