Sensible Documentary Awaited

Someone like Michael Moore is needed badly to blast the theories of doomsday in 2012. Michael Moore needs to pickup this theme and produce something sensible.

The popular song of the time till 2012 will remain which movie created. It makes no sense to many what NASA says. People are busy with cooking the theories. There are many groups which are showing great interest in watching the sky with telescope. None of them report any sighting of star X.  More theories are awaited. It is surprising to see why David Icke is silent on this subject. I hope he is going to bring most lunatic theory for 2012 and its impossible doomsday.

There are many self-proclaimed experts claiming to know everything. None of them have background in science. Most of them are just interested heads or have business interests in selling the books, goods and what not.

You ask them anything they will create it and come up with more bizarre theories.  Almost all those theories are based upon disconnected facts and hold no ground if presented to scientific community.

So!!!!!, Please do not take these theories seriously. Life is beautiful and it will remain post 2012 also. Read those stories and laugh off on their idiotic thoughts. 2012 theories are no more than bad jokes which have been cooked badly.

A sensible theory is yet to be seen which must come from credible sources.  Serious researcher needs to produce something convincing or debunking the theories.

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