Shameless Excuses for Doomsday 2012 Failure

What do you do when you promise something but fail to deliver.  You ask for pardon and humbly take blame and say sorry after admitting you were wrong.  But what doomsday expert does when he is proven wrong, he brings more excuses.

I BET YOU WOULD NEVER HEAR A DOOMSDAY EXPERT SAYING SORRY.  They never do.  They come up with something or the other excuse claiming that they actually saved humanity.

JONATHAN EASLEY wrote a fantastic article in 2011,  I would like share that piece here.  It is in fact a very good article to read.

Doomsday claims by experts have the problem of accountability.  Nobody takes responsibility now.  Free speech does not mean you would spread rumors and cash on that.

However a smart doomsday expert would always tell you that he has corrected the calculation mistakes and according to him the new date would be announced soon.

It is very common to read the claims by the experts who say something like this; aliens have said something to him, god told secretly something or some souls whispered something to him only.  Or the tall claims that he accidentally discovered a secret which he must tell the world.

Who is responsible for this mess.  The publishers are to be blamed first.  All leading publishers must not publish anything which is not founded by solid proof.  The doomsday claims are not opinions, they are statements of con-man.  Publishers like the spicy content which can create sensation and sell in the market. Do they care about public health? No.

Here is a sample of what people think of these jokers aka doomsday experts:

Washington Post Published an article in 2o11 on what sort of excuses Herald Camping can offer. The same applies for yesterday’s failure as well.

So, what the doomsday 2012 theme did for the general public. It created panic. It flooded Bugarach with the people who were never supposed to be there.  It also created serious problems for parents all over the world.

Were doomsday experts worried because they are creating problems? No they were not. They liked because panic was helping them to sell their books and doomsday supplies.

How about bunker companies; That news was already fake. Did media see them or for that matter did anyone see them. No. They were all on paper. They were never a reality.  So nothing lost on that matter.

Where do we go now from here.  Wait for next doomsday date.  The new smart conman would arrive sooner who would float a new date.

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