Silently Experts in November With No big Doomsday News made no headlines

November has been very silent month for the doomsday and its features. So, there had not been many news pieces arriving from the close quarters. So, what it means. It simply means that public is no more interested in this theme.  The public can go on having fun with the hoaxes.

Next month is December when this event is supposed to appear.  Like me, there are many people who are pretty sure that it would never come. What we can draw from here.  It is the shame time for the theorists who have been shouting from the roof tops. It is certainly the doomsday for their wisdom.

The themes lead no where and it takes to perfect round circle where we see it does not make any sense to be in this theme. What it means for the people who invested. Blame Herald Camping for exhausting the theme prematurely. Part of the blame also goes to movie 2012 because it came too early.

How to read for the people who are still there in Bugarach. Well they need someone to go there and explain the things clearly.

How Chinese people are taking the doomsday news. They are serious and the disturbing news have begun to arrive from there. Nothing is happening in our skies for sure. Be assured that it is still the fine days for us all. You need to believe your wisdom and move on.

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