Site Owners’ 2012 Doomsday Preparations Wasted with Low Turnout of Visitors is among the luckiest sites which have survived the great disappointment with low turnout of the visitors to the sites which are doomsday 2012 specific. Just an year before, there used to be thousands of doomsday related sites and majority of them have vanished now. The news of Bugarach a French village is no longer in the media and newspapers. The latest news is that village wishes to live its life peacefully. The sites which were running on monthly payments to the hosting providers, are no longer there in the place anymore. Many people including the site owners, doomsday experts and writers of the books are asking a single question, this was not expected to be so. Why the doomsday sites are not popular anymore. Among the other developments, the doomsday preppers show was made available shortly by Nat Geo but no news after that. Neither doomsday show nor the real doomsday news and its doomsday tv show are not enough. Though there are many months running to the event. The theme may comeback with more visitors.

For the people who are interested in the doomsday news, can continue reading the other articles as well. And the site owners, can continue reading this article and many others which had focused on various aspects of the sites and internet traffic of visitors to the sites.

So, who is responsible for this low turnout. Well, the only guy who took away sheen from this niche and outsmarted everyone in the universe of internet traffic, The one and only one Mr Harold Camping. He exhausted this theme with his fake predictions and prophecies. The result is before us all. Who got what. Well Camping got everything and everyone else in the same them is not the winner.

Consider the data points which are available in Google Search Insights and Google Adwords. The numbers are very low and it does not make sense to operate the doomsday sites anymore because visitors are not ready to read anything which is supposedly hoax. Even if it was hoax, the public was showing considerable interest but Harold Camping’s gimmicks made everyone to seek the other niche. He was smart and of course he knew the power of using media. He did and now what we do? will go on reporting the events. For us, though the numbers are low but still we can manage. Lots of people are real angry and pained to see what has been done to their wonderful sites on doomsday and related subjects.

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