Situation in Burma Myanmar around 2012 Doomsday scenarios

Army ruled states are dangerous if there are natural calamities.

Burma or Myanmar is embroiled in deep trouble. The army rule and the people there have no common ground. Like any army ruled state, there are groups who advocate the present rule while there are people who want to bring large scale change.  Certainly, there are people who may be benefiting from the current rule because they have high posts in army or have been earning money through the ventures which are directly or indirectly funded by the army or the state.

When natural calamities strike, what happens during that phase. Let’s consider the case of  last tsunami of 2008. It is rough estimate, over 500,000 died as they were hit by the raging waves of tsunami. International aid rushed to help but army did not allow it to enter inside the country.  A country needs to open its borders when it is not able to help its people. But in case of Army ruled states, the personal gains and the benefits are above the people.

Now consider the case of probable 2012 doomsday. A doomsday scenario in the country which will close its borders so that no one can escape, becomes a prison for its people.  In many other countries people can migrate to friendly countries under the refugee programs. But in case of Myanmar, this migration is ruled out. Army may not allow its people to seek safe places outside Myanmar.  The punishments are harsh during army rule. If one is caught fleeing to save his life, he may end up losing life altogether if caught. The risks are bigger for the people who have infants in the family.

Be in doomsday or tsunami, the man-made rules are more disastrous and if army has been making them, they are tougher to break even in case of the situation when saving lives is more important than saving the military rule.

If you are living in Myanmar/ Burma, it is you who can change the fate of your country and its people. Democracy in true sense is the key to empowering the people and improving the state of rule.  Aung San Suu Kyi is the voice of the people who do not accept the imposed rules.  She is free now and must be given the right to participate in the democratic elections.  Damaged institutions of democracy need to be restored in full integrity.

Here are some more thoughts on its geographic situation.

Burma has known history of several tsunamis and cyclones. It has long coastline which lies in the mid of tectonic belts.  Just in case the doomsday of 2012 occurs, the survival depends on where you are at that time.  The locations in North are safer than being in South of Burma. Kachin State and its upper region is safer.  Stay away from Yangon/Rangoon during the crisis when something like 2012 doomsday happens.  Being in North-West region of Sagaing region may also help.

Most important, the rulers of Burma needs to be better prepared to handle the crisis. The response to crisis and its management are two key elements which show the willingness to help the people. And if they are not prepared, please let Internation groups help the people there.

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