Survive December 21 2012

Survive December 21 2012 and Survival tips for December 21 2012 and common disasters.

Lot many people ask the question what if the doomsday theories are correct? This is a question which is asked by the people who do not want to listen to logic. If we believe that doomsday is going to come in 2012 then there might be some guidelines. But the logic of the common sense point to that nothing is going to happen.  Just in case you are still interested to know how to survive the times which are unusual.  You may follow the guidelines.

  1. Learn to Survive in Jungles. There are many survival books which tell you basic things to survive in tough environment.
  2. Study the maps and topography to know which areas are less prone to disasters.
  3. Find out the food which are easier to find and cook. Simple foods will do.
  4. Learn to use the natural ways to protect yourself.
  5. Learn to use herbs as medicine.
  6. Learn to make radio equipments using most common things. There are sites available which tell you how to make one.
  7. Learn to generate power from sun or any method which can help you assemble the power generators without much technical stuff.
  8. Learn to eat naturally available foods.
  9. Be with nature, you can survive well.
  10. And Last, be yourself and think of living for tomorrow.

These are common guidelines which can be used in any condition.

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