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2012 Get Rich

Possibly there is no magic formula to get rich before 2012 or with the theme of 2012.  There are many ideas which can serve as starting point to build good value or high sales volumes online and offline.  You can think of various ideas and the tracks to cover your own store if you already have one.  There are many genuine ways to make some great bucks with 2012 theories.

There are many people in the boards and questions are being asked. Intelligent people already have sites up and calling lots of traffic with each passing day.  The goods, products and items are being sold based upon 2012 themes. If you are the one who is still waiting then here are two posts for you to start.  You can borrow the possible clues from here.

Read First Part: Business Ideas for 2012
Read Second Part: 2012 Business Ideas for Entertainment Industry
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2012 Business Ideas for Entertainment Industry

Here are some genuine business ideas for entertainment industry which can be built around 2012 theme.

1. 2012 Part III is going to be released in Year 2012. Because it is just wild guess that 2012 Part 2 will be released some where around 2011.

2.  2012 World Tour by several pop/rock/musical stars

3.  2012 Home Videos with Survival Kits

4.  2012 Special Albums by several Musical Stars

6.  2012 Special membership by Casinos.

7.  2012 Special membership at strip clubs.

9.  2012 can be declared as Happy Year for drinking wines and beer.

10.  A rock star may name himself  ”2012 Survivor” to tap on the theme of 2012.

11.  2012 Special recreational sports may theme in WWE and RAW sports

12.  2012 Religious documentary claiming that Messiah is on the way to save you.

13.  2012 Specific Themes in Opera and musicals

14.  Broadway Shows focusing on 2012

15.  2012 Magic Shows.

16.  Toys, Books from Disney and other leading brands on the themes of 2012.

More Ideas to come and the above are not limited to the list.

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Read Third Part :  Business Ideas for Fashion Industry 2012

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2012 | Big companies not scared

It seems that only self-proclaimed experts of 2012 doomsday are the only creature who are scared and they have good fan following which is no different than those.  Almost all the big companies have great plans for 2012.  Are they scared? Absolutely not!. If you ask them about doomsday theories. You are going to get reply “what bullshit you are talking about?” If you are not still satisfied, here is the list for you.

Microsoft to launch windows 8 in 2012
Volkswagen to invest big money by 2012
Apple has great plans for 2012
Chrysler to lead the quality by 2012
Sweden to start space tourism in 2012
London 2012 Games to be held
Many companies are gearing to prepare for Olympic games in 2012
Vietnam to levy taxes on many things from 2012
BMW is official sponsor of  Olympic 2012
Sarah Palin may be candidate for 2012 President

If those so called doomsday experts are smarter than the business leaders, they must check themselves.  All these big companies are not run by the people who would not think twice before making big investments into the dicey future.

So, who is scared of 2012? Only the experts and the followers who like to amaze themselves with baseless theories and feel endangered.  You can surprise yourself almost daily with the expert’s views on doomsday in 2012. The fact is,  nothing of that is true.

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