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2011 March Update : Dead Animals, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Doomsday Theories

A new wave of doomsday theories is sweeping the web these days.  Few things happened recently. This post discusses mainly three incidents; deaths of animals, earthquakes and tsunami in the background of doomsday theories.

Lets make a quick disclaimer; does not support or endorses the doomsday theories in any form. It just analyzes them to present the fair views.

Coming back to the events.  Unusual deaths of birds in US and different parts of the world occurred during the winters. Mainly these deaths have been reported from the places which had experienced extreme cold weather this year. Birds were not able to bear the change in temperature and they died.  Many such cases have been occurring for long time and almost every year some of the unusual such incidents are reported. For example, there is a village called Jatinga in Assam State of India. Jatinga is known for the suicides of birds.  The poor birds get attracted to the source of lights during the night and they die in great numbers. Thousands of the birds die every year there in Jatinga.  These deaths are unexplained but certainly are not related to doomsday.  The point is, something unusual may happen and it may not be related to any of the doomsday theories.  What these theorists do; they pickup these incidents and wrap and package them using the themes of doomsday and present them to the world.

To bring the clarity on the earthquakes, one needs to check the site of USGS which is US Geological Survey agency. It monitors the earthquakes and tsunamis along with the minor and major tremors which shake different parts of the world.  Earthquakes occur almost every week.  Check the site of USGS here .  Do you seriously think that earth quakes are related to doomsday? They are not. If they had been any relation, the doomsday would have occurred several times in the history. It did not occur.  Doomsday theories sound great to read but are flawed on the basic logics.  Anyone who wishes to know about the earthquakes just browse the site of USGS, that is the best source of information on the subject.  Your quest in these subjects must be motivated by the curiosity to know the changing geological statistics of the world. Certainly, you would be better informed than others.

Tsunamis are related to earthquakes which occur under the sea. The tectonic plates are moving and sometimes they collide with others.  Tsunamis are as natural as earthquakes are.  Again, there is no relationship of doomsday with them.

Recently a radio group which claims to know the Bible very well made a claim that doomsday will occur on may 21 2011. There is no basis of this claim other than few chosen lines of Bible. The art of proving anything is great but it is not necessarily weighted by the logic.  World has taken note of the new doomsday date of May 21. It is the curiosity which is bringing lots of people to search engines and they are trying to know as much as possible. Marie Exley may be motivated to earn the living by promoting the may 21 doomsday theme.  I do not see any reason why these theories can be believed. Will Marie Exley accept the responsibility if doomsday does not occur on May 21, 2011?  Will Marie Exley apologize to the world for misleading the people? These are the questions for anyone who preaches doomsday.  

Let’s see what happens on May 21. I am going to write an open online letter to Marie Exley, Harold Camping and their group if doomsday does not occur on May 21.

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Rising Events of Cyclones and Earthquakes

Rising events of cyclones and earthquakes, pointer to doomsday of 2012?

Many people argue that more cyclones and earthquakes are coming for last few years. The statistics do not favor these thoughts.  For example take Japan’s history of earthquakes, more or less the number remains same. These natural events have been part of the history and are random in occurrence.  There is no clear path which could lead us to predict the next such event with perfection. The pseudo-science of astrology and other such streams does not do justice to the bright people trying to make sense of vibrations of earth. Many spectacular scientists are spending their lifetimes in labs trying to gather data from the sensors which are placed all over the world. The seismic events are beyond the science to understand. We do not have technology to make better sense of the happenings which are taking place in deep earth. Where the scientists fail, the doomsday experts arrive and begin to make nonsense predictions.

What is happening these days is, Everyone has a theory.  Experts are little arrogant creatures who do not allow them to exposed to counter questions. After occurrence of  earthquake or cyclone, you will read news about the people who begin to claim that I predicted so and so will happen. If they are so smart people, they must enlighten us about the next possible dates.

Cyclones can be seen in advance and lives can be saved. But their number of events are so random that you can not make them appear in mathematical equations.  A statistical data can well present the picture if the events are rising or falling.  There is no pointer which could tell us it is all happening due to 2012 or something like that.  The speculative nature of the predictions and the way they are handed over to the people, looks like the bad attempt at marketing a book.  Anyone who is looking for intelligent thoughts on earthquakes and earthly events, must read the work of Robert Hooke.  He was a fantastic expert who made better sense of earthquakes and volcanoes.  He wrote in a very understandable manner and his style is local. He makes you understand the topics easily. Better than the choppy doomsday experts who are bent on linking everything to doomsday.

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