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Latest From Harold Camping; It is not over Yet. October 21 2011 is coming

I thought the circus is over and we all can go home and watch the television and those shows which are screaming for our attention and are better than Mr Camping’s theories.  I had this feeling that it would not be over so soon.  Why Read on!

Actually, Harold Camping designed whole this stuff so well that he would be able to engage the public for months. His prophecy included that May 21, 2011 would the rapture or Judgement day and October 21, 2011 would be the doomsday.  That is the clever part of the whole deal. Now May 21, 2011 had nothing that sort. Harold Camping says “it was silent judgement day” but October 21 would real and quick.”   As someone some said, you can not compete with the man who is old and knows with his experience the art of riding on the waves. Certainly Mr. Camping has the spirits of never going down.  It would have been better if Mr. Camping had invested his efforts, time and energies into something else.  Why something else? The theme and business of predicting end of the world is big grosser for Mr. Camping. People pay him money. He gets donation and other stuff through that. He is excelling into  something which he knows better and that is how to take masses on the ride.

Mr. Camping’s new date is based on the old calculations which have been proven wrong twice. It is beyond comprehension why media pays attention to this guy.  The media loves gimmicks and circus which is in the full view.  So, October 21, 2011 would be like May 21, 2011. Yes or No. Camping may even not know the uselessness of his predictions. He may believe in his prediction so much that it is blinding the logic and so are his followers.

Anyone who talks crazy about the end of the world, has lost his mind. Thats it! Do you still wish to wait for October 21, 2011 doomsday? Well, just stay with us on this site. The ride is going to entertaining for sure.

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Mr. Harold!, Let me Tell you I am Fine here and Nice to See You Too!

Mr Harold Camping, Greetings from the people of the world.  There is  news for you that you may not like to hear.  This is the morning of May 21, 2011 and in some parts of the world, the night has begin to descend already. Apparently, there is no end of the world.  This is beautiful morning.  The news for you is that, the world is still here and there is nothing of that sort which you predicted.

May 21, 2011 as judgement day or rapture day or what ever quick name someone can think of are not the ones which would make this world go off.  There have been many predictions in the past which have been proven wrong with the course of time. To prove these theories wrong, you do not have to do anything. They are time failing variables which are validated to be false as their time is over.  Harold Camping is the one who has been named as the false prophet of the decade and deserves to be called so. His $80 Million empire has not been made without money or the support and donation of the people who believed in him and he took all of them for a very rough ride.

Though there is no fun in this all.  It all posts to the issues which must be dealt legally. Why governments allow the shady organizations to work and raise money from the unsuspecting people.  There are no cases of the legal nature for now which must be answered by someone in the court.  It is in fact surprising to note why Harold Camping has been in the news for his ways. It may be same way off-track as the ideas of David Icke are. Both the men know how to manipulate media. They are successful in what they do. It is different matter that they are no on the other side of the fair game. May be misleading others is fair game for them.

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