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World will Exist After May 21, 2011 and Harold Camping will be Grateful for it.

You know what pleases someone more than anything. It is the hope and the wish that someone would be seeing the beautiful world for ever.  Believe me, if doomsday or rapture on May 21, 2011 does not occur, Harold Camping would be the happiest guy on earth.  There are many reasons. The first and foremost, the prediction went wrong so he will live to see the beautiful world around him. Other reasons is, he would get future to preach his next probable dates of doomsday or what ever he calls it.

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I am reading the reports from all over the world. What sort of agony is this. We are all pouring too much into the theories which are not making us glad at all.  The doomsday theories are in bad taste and certainly they look nice when they are months away. But as the days get closer,  even people are shaken just by the thought of it. It all happens due to and courtesy of false prophets.   As explained earlier,  the doom-sayers are smart guys.  If one date fails, they have next one ready.

The false prophets are many steps ahead and they think they are the master manipulators. Believe me, none can match their speed.  They can not spread rumors in many Countries because their actions are not fully legal.

Let May 21 2011 pass,  this site is going to post after-thoughts.

I had been posting on this stuff lately. The other page has been going full scale with everyday update. I am yet to see a credible evidence of Harold Camping’s claims.  For now, it all seems like “I say it, it is for you to take it or leave it”. The problem is Harold Camping is not saying it all to himself.

The media has been taken for a ride. Though I see very cautious approach of the mainstream newspapers and TV channels. It is appreciated that a responsible and restrained aspect is visible as far as the bits of streams are concerned for the people like false prophets.

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Can Doomsday be Sold? Especially May 21 2011 or Something

We held a discussion with the group of people and asked them what is the possibility if doomsday can be sold to someone. The group and its member were not of the view that doomsday can be sold because it is not a tangible product. Agreed. What about this. If someone has an idea which can be linked with Guerrilla Marketing and wishes to sell that to someone. Will that work? That may work. Though, there are very few possibilities whether someone would really invest the money in doomsday related ideas and wait to see the returns.  In my views, Harold Camping and his group has long been in  the business of predicting the End of  the World.  It is good to see that this time Harold has the funding from someone who would be willing to fund the idea and share the returns.

Sounds good. So, in practical, the  doomsday of May 21, 2011 can be sold and it can be objectified for showing the investors that if we do it rightly, there is money. You need to consider the cost of hiring billboards which is not very cheap. The more of campaign and more of hype would lead to the right results. You may make money through various revenue models.

I know many doomsday site owners who make nothing and their sites have Low traffic and Zero earnings so far.  I sometime think, why someone would come half prepared in the game and would not get anything. All sold ideas which have been dealing with doomsday are going to be ineffective post May 21, 2011. The failure of prediction would cost very high. You need to see that Harold Camping’s half measures and his failure would be costly affair for many site owners and for the people who are believing in him too much.

The verdict is, Doomsday ideas can be sold to investors. It all depends on how you do it.

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Truth about May 21, 2011 Rapture, Judgement Day and Absolute Madness

I have been monitoring the news related to this subject for many days now. Some people are calling May 21 as rapture when God is going to take away few people with him to heaven. The concept of heaven and hell does not translate well with anything other than which is not religious. So, only creators of Heavenly kingdoms know who is coming next and when. As far as I know none is going to feel like anything rapture on May 21.

Someone spelled out the words Judgement day on May 21. This is equally unreliable as phony news of rapture is. Anyone who has been in the circles of economists know well the judgement day happens everyday in stock market. You do not see it anywhere else. I got another source which tells that all the doomsday dates are wrong. Everyone is reading it wrongly. The site of ebiblefellowship tells the new date which is October 21 2011 when the world is going to end. There is no end to to madness. Are these guys saying that doomsday must come early and they can’t wait until December 21, 2012. Everyone seems to be in hurry. Why I am writing here because this new date is also based on the similar theory which is the basis of May 21 2011.

May be they are missing the point. Any of these very pious, religious and pure-at-heart gentlemen will accept the responsibility if world does not end. Do they love God? I can’t say if they truly love God or humans. One thing is pretty sure that they love to predict the end of the world no matter how phony their ideas are.

The truth is, world is not going to end. The news and hoaxes of world being end are no more than bad efforts to gain the attention for sometime.

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Tsunamis are not signs of Doomsday 2012

First of all, my heartfelt sympathies are with the people in Japan where the recent earthquake and tsunami have occurred. May God give the affected people to bear the loss of property and lives.  Our heart cries for the people of Japan.

Tsunamis are no fun. They are serious threats.  The tsunamis have been here as part of history of earth. Recently, their occurrence has increased.  There are many geological reasons behind these events. Largely tsunamis and earthquakes are monitored and up to some extent the pre-warning is also issued.

Sometimes, tsunamis occur so fast soon after earthquake that nobody gets enough time to run away. Tsunamis leave behind the trail of destruction and loss.

In the case of tsunamis, people are urged to maintain calm and follow the procedures which are issued by disaster management agencies.

Anyone who links the tsunami with doomsday has lost his mind.  There is no relationship of tsunamis with anything else other than the movement of the plates below sea level.  One must not link two of them together and must not fuel the false ideas.

Affected people need support not the hypothetical ideas.  World must rush to help the people who are in need at this hour.  Japan may need the efforts and help of the world to rebuild the infrastructure and normalize the services there.

Stay away from the sites that does not acknowledge the losses which occur due to tsunamis.  Also stay away from the sites that tell you anything which is linking tsunamis with other things.

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May 21, 2011 Doomsday, Early Prediction, Doomsday Clock runs reverse

I was having good time until I noticed the new doomsday date that is May 21 2011.  Like me, thousands of the people are looking for possible clues to find out whether this news is true. The roots of this particular new doomsday date of May 21, 2011 lie in the group of 10 people who run a radio station somewhere. Do we care who are these people? Are we trying to save our backs rather caring about who told us what.  And are doomsday clocks are running reverse now? May be yes, May be No. Even those who created doomsday theories do not know for sure whether they are wrong or right.

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My first suggestion to anyone who is in the state of panic after reading the new predictions of doomsday on May 21, 2011 which is not far away from now, just take a glass full of water, yeah, drink it and sit down. Take long breaths. The world is not going to end.  Now, you need to get online and find out the truth.

I checked the claims of this new date. All those logics are badly flawed and would not stand the chance when run on the statistical models.  The doomsday is not occurring on May 21, 2011 because:

  1. Bible can not bring the doomsday on earth. It is the truth whether you believe it or not.
  2. Neither Bible is the book for ultimate truth nor it holds the key to doomsday.  Bible can be interpreted as you wish and many people use the most beautiful book to fulfill their own purpose of creating several hoaxes.
  3. Anyone who says doomsday is coming on certain dates, can he or she or group of people take full responsibility if doomsday does not occur?
  4. Most important, any group or individual who creates hoaxes, is nameless and faceless entity. You can not take them to court. Their accountability is not established. They are not responsible for anything. They would claim, we said something why did you believe it.
  5. Just read the news, there are no signs of doomsday yet. There is nothing as such doomsday of any date.
  6. Enjoy the news and see how people create more news out of this May 21, 2011 new doomsday date.

Coming back to 2012 Doomsday, that is still far away.  More stories would emerge by that time.  Take all of them with pinch of salt and read and enjoy them with caution because they do not mean anything beyond fun part of them.

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