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2010 Jan, Feb Online Trends for 2012 Doomsday Theories

The experts and researchers are looking at the new possibilities with Mayan or Maya calendar. There are many news sources which are pointing to news of groups of researchers traveling to Mexico to find new evidences and talk to the people who are descendants of Mayans. Researchers are interested to know what Maya people have to say about the so called doomsday theories.

2012 movie did not point anything particular in common to the widespread scientific norms. The movie just had a small section which points to the Mayan calendar which ends its cycle in 2012. Largely the movies and other popular sites over internet are not trying to explain anything from the logical point of views. You would find many sites and experts who do good job with explanations for conspiracy theories but there is no trace of realism or science.

Many so-called experts choose to mix bad science and the mythology together to weave the web of confused theories to prove their point. It may be in their interest to do so. One thing is very much interesting about these experts is that they do not reveal their names. Many such experts are having no names but still contribute to the theories for 2012 doomsday.

There are many sites which are 2012 centric but look at the stuff they post there. The popular things posted on many sites include links to 2012 movie which can be watched online. Why a site dealing with 2012 has to post link to movie 2012 and turn itself as entertainment portal. Many 2012 related sites also have 2012 trailer posted online either in the forms of the links or hosted version. This is beyond logical understanding to see what the 2012 related sites are trying to explain with the link for 2012 trailer.

As written earlier the rumor crows are not making many noises for 2012 end these days. It is expected that 2010 will remain so, you may see sometimes, no or very few news articles appearing in many sites. Many sites related to 2012, have not been updated for very long time now. Well, if so called experts think that 2012 end has been deferred or it is not important now, it points to the fact that many of such sites were driven by the hype of movie.

World in 2012 is not going to look much different from now.

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World 2012

Many people have very different ideas about world of 2012. And due to several theories being circulated in pseudo-media, the curiosity has been increased to a level of frenzy.  Many people are interested to know about world of 2012.

In America, the elections would be held in 2012 and Sarah Palin is expected to be one of the most prominent and celebrated name to be heard during the election.  US is preparing to go to election and there is no uneasiness in political circles due to any unconfirmed theories of end-of-the-world.

Fiji would start to revise its constitution in 2012. The new constitution would be pro-citizens and would involve many electoral reforms. Who is afraid of 2012 theories,  None!!!

Samsung aims to be No.2 PC maker by 2012.  Samsung prepares its plans to be prominent leader in the technology market and its products are making right waves. Is Samsung afraid of 2012 theories? No!!!!

Sony has set release date for new Spider Man movie in July 3rd, 2012. The new movie is called  Spider Man Reboot and it will be delivered in 3D.   No, Sony is not scared of 2012 hype.  There is no need to be.

Nissan to launch Electric Cars in ChristChurch city in 2012.  The city and Renault-Nissan has joined hands to become the alliance and the city would be first to have electric cars.  Is there a sign of panic due to 2012 theories. Nah!!! and None.

China’s new Rail system would be fully functional by 2012.  There are grand plans which are going in operation. Earlier deadline was 2020 but the work has been accelerated now to complete it by 2012.  Nobody is scared due to 2012 predictions.


Any sensible head will get the picture of World 2012 with these planned events.  World is more stable politically than it was in last decade or few years before.  President Obama has helped to make the world more peaceful and his efforts are showing good results.  World leaders are not talking about conflicts and other problems.  There are no natural events either expected to ruin the world.  World has started to recover from economic problems. Many large companies are having grand plans to expand the business from one country to another.

In the wake of such well planned movements, there is no space left for any doomsday theory to come true.  It all started with Movie on 2012 and now doomsday experts are not making any noises for long time now. Bad salesmen have started to look for another doomsday theories which can be cashed upon.

The world of 2012 will be more stable and will have many technology marvels released. There would be new phones, devices, new books,  new movies and many success stories of the heroes in many fields.

So stay cool and there is nothing sort of doomsday which is going to happen.

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2012 End of the World

2012 End of the World.  How does it sound? It may sound little catchy and people get excited with the feelings that something is going to happen in 2012.  Well, It is the case of more over curiosity than planning to save humanity per say.  The world is full of many such generated phenomenons and thousands of the people search over the internet to find something which is out of the world news.  It may help us to find something to read interesting but beyond that 2012 holds no significance if end of the world is concerned.

Many so called experts are going to be fairly disappointed because world is not going end. This blog has several posts to read on this subject where the reasons have been explained.

The hype over the 2012 seems to be almost over with movie release and people have seen the movie by now. Movie cashed on the hype.  Suddenly the voices of experts are silent and there is no more buzz coming from the self-proclaimed experts on Mayan Calendar.

There may be logical reasons for few events in 2012 but largely end-of-the-world is beyond reasons. Those know-all experts are not generating enough news now.  Mainstream media has learnt to ignore the gimmicks of desperate sales men who want to scare the people to buy survival goods especially planned for 2012.

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2012 Imagination

There are many people horsing their ideas and predicting that weird things are going to happen.  One needs to understand the theme for 2012.  2012 imagination is one thing and the weird events are another. Most of so called weird predictions are just imagination of few twisted minds.

From logical point of view which can be thought there are some pre-announced dates and events which are normal and are going to happen in 2012.

London Olympics will be held in 2012 and the preparations are in full swing.  London is preparing itself for this mega event which will give it large chunk of business.

Other big event that may happen is the possibility of another summit on the lines of Copenhagen Summit this year. The reason is Kyoto protocol is expiring in 2012.  Before Dec 2012,  a new protocol will be presented before the world.

US is going to have presidential elections in 2012.  Probable and would-be leaders are preparing themselves for the elections. There is movement in this direction and in may 2012,  Mr. Obama can be elected again or there may be new president.

The logical world has no serious plans to focus on doomsday theories which are being circulated all over the world.  There is nothing to worry as we see it from now.

The human history has shown that 3 years are not very big time to notice sizable changes  on the timelines.  There are no reasons to fear. Let people run wild imaginations to the horizons.  2012 is going to look better with newer gadgets and the better world to live in.

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2012 Business Ideas for Entertainment Industry

Here are some genuine business ideas for entertainment industry which can be built around 2012 theme.

1. 2012 Part III is going to be released in Year 2012. Because it is just wild guess that 2012 Part 2 will be released some where around 2011.

2.  2012 World Tour by several pop/rock/musical stars

3.  2012 Home Videos with Survival Kits

4.  2012 Special Albums by several Musical Stars

6.  2012 Special membership by Casinos.

7.  2012 Special membership at strip clubs.

9.  2012 can be declared as Happy Year for drinking wines and beer.

10.  A rock star may name himself  ”2012 Survivor” to tap on the theme of 2012.

11.  2012 Special recreational sports may theme in WWE and RAW sports

12.  2012 Religious documentary claiming that Messiah is on the way to save you.

13.  2012 Specific Themes in Opera and musicals

14.  Broadway Shows focusing on 2012

15.  2012 Magic Shows.

16.  Toys, Books from Disney and other leading brands on the themes of 2012.

More Ideas to come and the above are not limited to the list.

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2012 Movie Failed to Inspire and Influence

A grand movie like 2012 and the talks in Copenhagen, do no have anything in common except climate. It was not expected like this. The movie got dismissal from the leaders of the world and there is no influence of this movie in talks in Copenhagen.

A powerful medium such as cinema needs to have some influence and inspire the actions. But unlike Day After Tomorrow, this movie does not have any value beyond silver screen.

Movie missed the chance to make an impact and it just being portrayed as just the piece of non-sense fiction which has no science in it.

Lets see if something sensible comes out from the talks of Climate summit at Copenhagen 2009.

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2012 | Is trouble real?

I don’t think so. Neither experts think nor public thinks. Trouble seems real only in movie. Year 2012 seems like any other year from all the angles. It all started with Maya Calendar being dug out of no where. There is no authority which would certified the calendar and its authenticity.  Global warming is not very heavy to say which would bring havoc on earth. I am trying to understand like a common man. Why there is so much noise around 21 December 2012.  I am going to find out if trouble is real.  Looking at the date 12/21/2012, does not ring a bell for now.  There are many stories being circulated on internet and media is going crazy shouting from roof top that world is going end on that fateful day. Hours of airtime is being wasted reporting something which is as dubious as are the experts. I really question the experts why and how they arrived on conclusion that world is going to end.

I am no scientist, I am a common man like you who is trying to find some useful stuff from crap and garbage which has been generated by experts.

So far, I do not see anything coming yet.  If you are more enlightened than me, please leave comments.

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