Test 2012 Doomsday on Mani The Parrot

Wise Parrot Must be Tested for its Psychic Powers

There is another news which coming from the FIFA World Cup 2010 related predictions. This time it is Mani, the Parrot, Parakeet living in Singapore. The keeper of the parrot Mani has predicted that Netherlands will win the world cup.  So funny that we are taking help of animals who even are not aware that humans are using them to meet their own selfish ends.

Let’s assume that Mani the Parrot can predict the future events.  There is a well defined test for extra sensory powers. The same test can be performed to know exactly if the parrot is psychic or not. If it does not fail even single time, there is no guarantee that it can not fail and cannot go wrong.  Let’s assume that Mani, the parrot passes the test.

We can give the the another test to its keepers to tell us if doomsday of 2012 will come or not.  It would be really interesting to see the results.  What ever are the results are, should not be taken very seriously.  Doomsday event is not a football match. And the worse, the doomsday prediction with the help of an animal is going to lead to several serious issues. One is that, its followers and believers can be misled to believe that Mani the Parrot can not go wrong and what ever it predicts is certain. This thought is scary enough to send people to have covers.

Keep animals out of the business of prediction, we have enough people who claim to be expert with the art of prediction.  If these animals will rule the world of prediction or say industry of prediction, what the experts are going to do. The interesting case would be when you would see books by these animals and more worse the case of stock market prediction with the help of a Parrot. It is going to vanish many investors if they take it too seriously.

As far as doomsday of 2012 is concerned, have Mani the Parrot to predict something. Results are awaited and we are eager to listen what this wise parrot tells us.

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