The Doomsday 2012 rules of the market

It is interesting to see so many sites and blogs focusing on doomsday scenarios. Some of them do make some sense while others are just copy cats. Are there some golden rules of markets which must be focused for doomsday themes?

The common MBA classes do not train you to handle something like this. You need to be creative enough to understand the market currents to make sense. As we pointed out, supporting or debunking doomsday does not matter much for marketing guy. For him, doomsday 2012 is a product theme which must be placed well in the market with right visibility. The doomsday wiki page offers interesting clues as you begin to understand that most of those theories have roots in the marketing gimmicks. There are many legitimate products such as doomsday superman series which existed even before the doomsday theories came in existence. The game called doom has nothing to do with doomsday but it sells in the market, not in the name of doomsday, just it name is such. Also, a wave is coming and taking over the doomsday youtube videos. There are over 150 channels on doomsday created by users which have doomsday related videos there. All focusing on same thing which is called planet Niburu.

The only surprise element I found is street kings. Oddly, street kings is an unrelated movie but why it is being linked to doomsday, is beyond understanding.

There are many other sub themes as jungle safari, cowboy hats and water bottles. There is no relation of these items with doomsday. You can run down a search on engines and find out the search themes which are still ruling the web.

Coming back to marketers. They have failed to tap the market and the handling of the doomsday theme has slowed down a bit now. Many doomsday sites have begun to vanish now. I do not have exact count of the sites which used to be here but are not available now. The search volume and data is also showing that public is no longer interested in the doomsday as it was during the release of movie doomsday 2012.

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