Tsunamis are not signs of Doomsday 2012

First of all, my heartfelt sympathies are with the people in Japan where the recent earthquake and tsunami have occurred. May God give the affected people to bear the loss of property and lives.  Our heart cries for the people of Japan.

Tsunamis are no fun. They are serious threats.  The tsunamis have been here as part of history of earth. Recently, their occurrence has increased.  There are many geological reasons behind these events. Largely tsunamis and earthquakes are monitored and up to some extent the pre-warning is also issued.

Sometimes, tsunamis occur so fast soon after earthquake that nobody gets enough time to run away. Tsunamis leave behind the trail of destruction and loss.

In the case of tsunamis, people are urged to maintain calm and follow the procedures which are issued by disaster management agencies.

Anyone who links the tsunami with doomsday has lost his mind.  There is no relationship of tsunamis with anything else other than the movement of the plates below sea level.  One must not link two of them together and must not fuel the false ideas.

Affected people need support not the hypothetical ideas.  World must rush to help the people who are in need at this hour.  Japan may need the efforts and help of the world to rebuild the infrastructure and normalize the services there.

Stay away from the sites that does not acknowledge the losses which occur due to tsunamis.  Also stay away from the sites that tell you anything which is linking tsunamis with other things.

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