We are back and with great stuff again

We are back after long gap and now we are preparing to make it better. Doomsday theme would not be repeated because there is no fun there now.  No new dates of doomsday yet, as we go ahead if we find anything interesting on doomsday front, this would be your blog to get the latest and catchy news items.

We are booked for longer time now. The hosting space and registration was renewed and so we are again with the legacy of offering the best content to our readers.

Watch for the best news pieces here.  Our next venture is Microstock Photography!! . We have made great progress on that front with over 1200 images on sale. Some of the freshest images will be shared here as well. The look of this site would be considered to change and of course we are look for what else can make it more interesting. Someone suggested that we should write dating advice here. We have some talent in our team which can suggest great ideas.

Yeah, we read books, news papers and scan lot of other sources of news.  For last few years, we just focused on photography business. We do not have our shop or booth. We are working with 8-10 agencies and all those agencies are supported by their own staff.  We are using what they have to offer us.

Are we getting any payouts? A few but not much. The time is looking ahead for new images. We do photography, edit, upload and improve and plan for new locations to go.

I lead the team on that front. Doomsday theme is very close to my heart and will remain so. The doomsday news section would remain here and available to read.


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