What Happens Now after May 21, 2011 Went Wrong as Nothing Happened

Lot of people wants to know what happened to Harold Campings, Robert Fitzpatrick and other 25,000 people who had faith in this hyped Judgement day of 2011.  Well, if it has been designed like this then this campaign has gone out of hands now. It can be believed that it was not guerrilla marketing event as it seemed to begin with. There are many reasons to believe that because it has not been concluded well. Or nobody came forward to take the responsibility or close the events in right manners.  A marketing event is not left unattended. So It can be believed that it was serious attempt at predicting the end of the world which has proven to be false. So what is in the store for Harold Camping and others.

Harold Camping may not like to speak about it and there is no statement from him for now.  It can be understood that world is going easy on him. Because he is in his old age, the media and other folks have taken the lenient view of that. It can be passed like that. There is no loss and nobody has been harmed.  Harold Camping must come forward and send the message to his followers and supporters. Robert Fitzpatrick would need to sit down and think deeply how he wishes to arrange for the money needed for living.  It is going to be tough for him. The other followers who got duped or to better say, they must be thankful for seeing the beautiful world again, can go on living normally as if nothing has happened.

It is a big lesson for the people to choose whom they follow. It must be equally sound alert for the people to see if they are being duped by the theories which are baseless.

Unfortunately, there is very long list of the doomsday theorists who have predicted end of the world on December 21, 2012. Most of them sell their books on Amazon and other places.  For May 21, 2011 world dealt with only one man but for December 21, 2012, there are hundreds of the doomsday experts who are out there screaming to get your attention.  How would you escape them? Just Follow what I write on this site.  Anyone who says End of The world is coming, is lying.  Listen to the people who say Doomsday is a False and is a very polished Hoax.

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