What is Doomsday? A Question Deserves Answer

In popular culture and hyped environment of our times, Doomsday is just a thought of being end of everything you see around you.  That may sound little or more hypothetical because it is so. The more you explore about doomsday more you get into doomsday theories.  Some of them may be sensible but largely all of the doomsday theories have serious faults.  The doomsday theories does not make any reference to logic. They are just made to appeal to lots of people. What we call in literature is,  sensational piece of nonsense; it is the same way for doomsday theories.

So what exactly doomsday is?  Well, Mayan and other civilizations have supposedly predicted that world will end on 21 December 2012.  Nobody knows where this idea of doomsday evolved or who was the first person to coin the term.  The doomsday means end of everything. But if you look at it correctly then doomsday would seem to you a process which completes in a day and everything is undone.  The doomsday is an impossible thing because matter can not be created or destroyed.

Doomsday is not a universal event.  Doomsday on earth would not mean the end of the moon or other galaxies.  Doomsday is local event and it does not occur without warnings.  The doomsday theorists ignore the logic and other aspects of the events.

According to some experts, doomsday is also the event which transforms the humanity.  Doomsday according to them is an event on the horizon where the new understanding of love and humanity emerge. The spiritual awakening has also been linked to doomsday.

There experts are not unanimous on doomsday and its nature.  However, doomsday can not be verified with the theories.  Nobody has seen it in the past and nobody has experimented with it.  So if big bang is considered a doomsday for old, then it was the beginning of the life on earth.

2012 Doomsday is false and considered a hoax like May 21, 2011 doomsday was proven false because it did not occur.

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