What is happening with Doomsday Sites?

Courtesy Harold Camping who was in so much hurry that he did not wish anyone make money except himself, he exhausted the theme so early that there is not much traffic now. I can tell you for sure if doomsday theme is seeing any movement. For now, it is as good as dead. Not many people are showing interest in end of the world and its theories. The similar is the case of Camping’s new prediction of October 21, 2011. It is not going to be very grand event this time. There is no media buzz. No newspapers are reporting anything. A doomsday expert is as good as first time and second time there is no value.

So whole the world knows that nothing is going to happen even on the new doomsday date. The result is so drastic and out of context that doomsday sites are dying everyday. The doomsday experts are changing their profession from doomsaying to sensible ones. Is it good? Well, can not be said with confidence because it is not only doomsday sites but also the companies which have invested heavily in the doomsday themes.

Will sites go out of business? Yes, there are strong possibilities of so. It may not be very good to see the popular theme going away. It all happened because Harold Camping could not wait and he wanted the world to end. Luckily world did not end but the doomsday sites ended for sure. So, it was doomsday for the experts and sites which were promoting the end of the world themes.

I was asked a question sometimes back, is there any hope of revival of doomsday themes? Well, it may be possible but media needs better positioned theories this time. Aliens with doomsday theme could make it good for everyone but that’s not even possible now. So, lets see how it goes from here.

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