What is Official about Doomsday of 2012?

Can there be something like official doomsday 2012? Can there be official rain water?  The list goes on.  There are many such online sites and avenues which claim to be official. Who gave them certificate of such claims?

A single search on the web with the keywords doomsday 2012 reveals many sites which claim to be official sites of doomsday 2012. I read that again. Yeah that true. Either people do not know the meaning of word official or they are simply fooling around with online readers. These are poor gimmicks which have lost the relevance and their usefulness.  The online visitors who do not know there can not anything like official doomsday, are mistaken and led to believe that they are on the site which is authentic, it is not the case.  Also, there are many books which claim to be official books and guides of doomsday. or better something like Official Guide of Doomsday 2012.  Are these people crazy? There can not be better explanation than dubbing them with the intent which is not of helping the people to realize that doomsday is the polished hoax.

How can natural phenomena be an official one?  No authority is responsible for causing them. Are these sites and books trying to claim that doomsday is their copyright and they hold the authority on that subject.  The truth is, there is no such thing and if you notice the word official written along with the doomsday title of any book, site, products, services, you need to stay away from all of them because they all are not authentic. Those may be scams.

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