When is Doomsday? Some Clues but Nobody Knows Exactly

In last article,  the question what is Doomsday, was addressed.  In this article, I am going to through some light on another popular question when is doomsday?

As we open the lines of this article,  we re passing through the passage of time which is not very much tranquil.  The year 2011 has already seen one failed doomsday which was predicted by Harold Camping. His new date is October 21, 2011.  The most commonly referred date of doomsday is December 21, 2012.  We have no way to verify the claims to support or refute them.  The doomsday can not occur out of thin air.  There must be some clues or signs to show the world that something unusual is happening.

The natural events ranging from tsunami, earthquakes, flood, fire and other such things have been happening all over the world every year. There is no data to support the claims that something is happening for the first time which has not happened before.

To answer the question, When is Doomsday?, it is important to know of your interests. It may be the case that you are just curious to know when the world is ending.  The others may be serious in this all mumbo jumbo stuff.

If you are serious about knowing the answer, the plain and simple answer is,  The world is not going to end soon. There is no fixed date of Doomsday.  If we look at the doomsday theories and dissect them for logic, It becomes clear that almost all doomsday experts are fooling with the public.

There is no Doomsday and it is going to come never.  So feel easy.  You still have to pay your debts and do your job everyday.  The god created the cycle for you to follow. It would not dismantle so easily.  Is that wish of God?  It can not be said with certainty if it is so.

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