Why does Public not think Doomsday 2012 is Real?

It has been chaos in the doomsday theories and theorists are going mad because journalists and media are not picking up the noise anymore. As the date draws closer, the noise is fading away.  There are various reasons behind the death of doomsday theme.  Public does not think it is real. The main reason behind this thought is because Harold Camping lied to public and supporters or made some genuine mistakes in calculating the doomsday date; the result is the theme is gone.  There is no game now. It has all evaporated in thin air. Everyone hoped to have various colorful views from the crazy doomsday experts. None of that is happening now.

The public perception is playing big role here.  The maya calendars and some of those invisible planets have been pushed back to history.  The public has begun to think that everyone who speaks about doomsday is a hoax and is trying to get the money by misleading lots of people.  So, the public does not believe what an expert is trying to say.  The doomsday forums used to be full of threads until last year, now the situation has changed as nobody is posting any material now.

It is the time for the people to return from Bugarach as well and leave the beautiful town the way it feels natural. Public’s patience has run out now.  The biggest and worst hit has been taken by the stores which thought they will be able to sell the things.  Those supplies of doomsday are no longer in circulation.  It is all because public is not ready to listen to what lots of people have been saying. Or the either way, the public expects better liars.  The existing doomsday experts are bad liars. They are not not even entertaining now.  They have become dull and media has lot interest in them.

The cover on secret doomsday theories was blown out of proportion and too early.  Like move 2012 doomsday was released much before its actual time to do so.  Now is the time for all those movies.  The doomsday experts are not even looking better than the jokers in circus.  There is nothing in this 2012 doomsday theme now.

The world is slowing down a bit and the acceleration of events is losing its speed.  It is expected that over next 5o years the development aspects of the world would tend to become slower.  The doomsday theories can not be left behind and of course the theme needs a super hero to get it revived again.  So far, it is not going to happen.


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