Why Doomsday Bunkers News is Fake and Hoax?

There are many possible reasons to believe Doomsday Bunkers are hoax.  

If you go by the information presented here logically, the bunkers do not make sense at all.  Search on  the web in the news sections of the search engines with the keywords doomsday or doomsday bunkers, you get nothing.  The media attention is gone. There is no news reported on doomsday by the  newspapers and news channels in the recent past.  Now, consider the cost of those hyped doomsday bunkers in the realms of present calm realities, only crazy would buy those bunkers. Since the world is not full of crazy people who would buy the bunkers worth of millions, there are various possibilities.  The first  strongest possibility is that companies which were constructing these bunkers may have abandoned the project already because it does not make sense commercially. Yes, you guessed it right, Bunkers are not piece of art or the painting on the papers. The bunkers cost real money and if there is no danger why to get in the deep space for no reasons.

Ok, even if you believe, those bunkers are reality, the business sense does not make them proposed worth of business and money to even attempt.  The layouts, prints and online images of the bunkers are very different from the real bunkers if they exist. The existence of those bunkers is doubtful.  Has anyone seen those bunkers in real? Those companies which are supposed to build those structures, must bundle the media together and take them to tour the underground facilities. What is the harm? nothing. If those bunkers exist in reality, it would generate more publicity for the companies. Just one question to exist. The bunkers must exist to examine. The commercial proposition puts lots of doubt on basic question.

Now think of someone buying the bunkers and doomsday does not occur. Who is going to maintain those bunkers in future.  Doomsday bunker project would not sell beyond media hypes. Almost all the doomsday sites are reporting heavy losses because public attention and media focus have been diluted since Camping made the noise. The steam is gone and the doomsday bunkers if they exist must be waiting for the customers.  The cost of an average  bunker is $200000. Are you ready to invest such money in something which will become zero soon after December 2012? Are those company brave enough to offer buy-back options if doomsday does not occur. I bet nobody does that in business. Since nobody does that, the doomsday bunkers news may be fake. Some one should validate the claims of those bunker companies.  If  you are a buyer or have found or  discovered the truth which is different from what has been written here, it can be promised that this piece of article would be changed for sure.


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