Why You Should not Pay Attention to May 21 Warnings, Sites and Hyped News

It makes no sense to me why there are so many doomsday sites trying to beat the drums very loudly and taking the peace away. I was reading a news yesterday which was at the well known news source, the journalist seemed panicked.  The fever is gripping the literate and illiterate both. It does not make any difference whether you are educated or uneducated, the fear of life is equal for all. Agreed but a cosmetic fear which has been generated by the fake sources, would not mean the same.  Almost all the May 21  2011 related sites are focusing on few things which do not have even slightest touch of intelligence in them.  I haven’t heard or seen any doomsday sites talking sense. You can forget about the existence of brain when you read those news pieces which shout loudly and the collective noise is a problem and is getting close to being menace now.

Almost every news related to May 21, 2011 rapture is exaggerated and hyped.  You need to sit down and figure out with the logic and find out the truth.  Read the news which is credible and does not have too many assumptions.

Let Bible be the book which we have loved to read. You should not go beyond and find out the codes which do not exist.  May 21, 2011 doomsday theorists know well how to use the innocent book for supporting their ideas.  Does it sound like guerrilla marketing? To me, it does and there are no doubts if you discover this all is marketing gimmick.

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