Will Pole Shift change Sun Rise and Sun Set?

The science of everything you see. Pole Shift can change many things around us.

It is improbable to judge and predict the changes can come. It is generally called as cataclysmic pole shift. Word cataclysmic is not in geologist’s dictionary. It seems more over a common name give to any ruin which is brought by natural forces.

The exact degree of pole shift will define the new changes.  The pole shift will certainly bring the change in the sun set and sun rise. The direction may change a bit but not completely.  Sun will not begin to rise from West, south or north.  The sun rise direction will have the effects on the flora and fauna.  Several new species will emerge from existing ones. The mutation can begin to take place in many organisms. The other ways, mutation is a natural adjustment in species which helps them to adapt to changed situations.

The species can exist in extreme conditions. If we have resources to probe sun, we may find some species there as well.

Geologists can define the pole shifts in many ways.  It has socio-economic effects as well. The countries may have some disputes over the boundaries and the contours may change the position.  Largely the 180 degree pole shift can be a real problem. The smaller degree of 1 to 10 on the scale, will not have great impact.

The magnetic pole shift or the south changing with west,  or line drawn between the two and shifting or rotating the lines a bit. It is not easy clearly to say, which way it occurs.  The pole shift is not going to wipe out the species from earth.  It may change the direction of rivers, gulf streams and some inactive volcanoes may become active. The scale of destruction with even full scale 180 degree pole shift will not be very high. It will be observable but will have less effects on the living beings.

A trivia here. By-the-way, Why is Pole Shift going occur? No body has answer and nobody can tell you when it is going to happen. So called 2012 doomsday and pole shift are not linked by factual science. So far, there are no evidences of that.  Geological changes do not happen over-night. They take ages and it is very slow process which takes centuries to complete.  There are no elements in sight which can trigger any thing of pole shift for now. 2012 and other years are going to see more of us.

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