World 2012

Many people have very different ideas about world of 2012. And due to several theories being circulated in pseudo-media, the curiosity has been increased to a level of frenzy.  Many people are interested to know about world of 2012.

In America, the elections would be held in 2012 and Sarah Palin is expected to be one of the most prominent and celebrated name to be heard during the election.  US is preparing to go to election and there is no uneasiness in political circles due to any unconfirmed theories of end-of-the-world.

Fiji would start to revise its constitution in 2012. The new constitution would be pro-citizens and would involve many electoral reforms. Who is afraid of 2012 theories,  None!!!

Samsung aims to be No.2 PC maker by 2012.  Samsung prepares its plans to be prominent leader in the technology market and its products are making right waves. Is Samsung afraid of 2012 theories? No!!!!

Sony has set release date for new Spider Man movie in July 3rd, 2012. The new movie is called  Spider Man Reboot and it will be delivered in 3D.   No, Sony is not scared of 2012 hype.  There is no need to be.

Nissan to launch Electric Cars in ChristChurch city in 2012.  The city and Renault-Nissan has joined hands to become the alliance and the city would be first to have electric cars.  Is there a sign of panic due to 2012 theories. Nah!!! and None.

China’s new Rail system would be fully functional by 2012.  There are grand plans which are going in operation. Earlier deadline was 2020 but the work has been accelerated now to complete it by 2012.  Nobody is scared due to 2012 predictions.


Any sensible head will get the picture of World 2012 with these planned events.  World is more stable politically than it was in last decade or few years before.  President Obama has helped to make the world more peaceful and his efforts are showing good results.  World leaders are not talking about conflicts and other problems.  There are no natural events either expected to ruin the world.  World has started to recover from economic problems. Many large companies are having grand plans to expand the business from one country to another.

In the wake of such well planned movements, there is no space left for any doomsday theory to come true.  It all started with Movie on 2012 and now doomsday experts are not making any noises for long time now. Bad salesmen have started to look for another doomsday theories which can be cashed upon.

The world of 2012 will be more stable and will have many technology marvels released. There would be new phones, devices, new books,  new movies and many success stories of the heroes in many fields.

So stay cool and there is nothing sort of doomsday which is going to happen.

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