World will Exist After May 21, 2011 and Harold Camping will be Grateful for it.

You know what pleases someone more than anything. It is the hope and the wish that someone would be seeing the beautiful world for ever.  Believe me, if doomsday or rapture on May 21, 2011 does not occur, Harold Camping would be the happiest guy on earth.  There are many reasons. The first and foremost, the prediction went wrong so he will live to see the beautiful world around him. Other reasons is, he would get future to preach his next probable dates of doomsday or what ever he calls it.

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I am reading the reports from all over the world. What sort of agony is this. We are all pouring too much into the theories which are not making us glad at all.  The doomsday theories are in bad taste and certainly they look nice when they are months away. But as the days get closer,  even people are shaken just by the thought of it. It all happens due to and courtesy of false prophets.   As explained earlier,  the doom-sayers are smart guys.  If one date fails, they have next one ready.

The false prophets are many steps ahead and they think they are the master manipulators. Believe me, none can match their speed.  They can not spread rumors in many Countries because their actions are not fully legal.

Let May 21 2011 pass,  this site is going to post after-thoughts.

I had been posting on this stuff lately. The other page has been going full scale with everyday update. I am yet to see a credible evidence of Harold Camping’s claims.  For now, it all seems like “I say it, it is for you to take it or leave it”. The problem is Harold Camping is not saying it all to himself.

The media has been taken for a ride. Though I see very cautious approach of the mainstream newspapers and TV channels. It is appreciated that a responsible and restrained aspect is visible as far as the bits of streams are concerned for the people like false prophets.

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